Caring for your RM Williams Boots

RM williams boot care

Once you’ve made your investment in R.M. Williams boots, you want to make sure they last as long as possible and are still looking brand-spanking-new a few years down the line and you will love to wear them all the time, it is so important that you learn how to best look after your leather boots. So here are few tips on how to keep your boots looking amazing!

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James Bond wears Barbour Jackets wax jackets, footwear and country lifestyle clothing barber, schoffell rm williams

One of the many things James bond is famous for is his impeccable sense of style. And as he is the quintessential British man, it’s no it’s no surprise that when he was finally united with British fashion icon, Barber in the movie Skyfall it caused quite a store to say the least.

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Guide to Wearing a Fedora

beautiful woman wears hicks & Brown tan Fedora

To help you look your best when wearing your beloved fedora or if you are seriously thinking of making this classic piece of fashion part of your wardrobe, we have put together a guide for choosing or wearing the Fedora.

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