R.M. Williams

Gillanders are the official stockist of R.M. Williams handcrafted leather boots in Ireland. Perfect for formal wear, outdoor wear, and everyday adventures, R.M. Williams' range encompasses some of the world's finest boots, trousers, shirts, and belts.

R.M.Williams Boots

Great boots don't just look good they fit perfectly as well, R.M. Williams boots are of outstanding handcrafted quality that exudes authenticity and delivers comfort and classic Australian style.

Infused with the traditional bushman's spirit, they have developed a worldwide reputation as a quality maker of boots for men and women that stand the test of time.


Australian Boots - Crafted to Perfection

Perfect for both outdoor wear and everyday adventures, R.M. Williams' range encompasses some of the finest boots, trousers, shirts, and belts you will find anywhere in the world.

In 1932, R.M. Williams’ vision was to create the perfect footwear for hard-working Australians. 85 years of dedicated craftsmanship later, they’re still driven by his vision. Fitting the feet of the world over these iconic hand-crafted one-piece leather boots have gone on to grace the feet of the most famous people on the planet.

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Supreme hand-crafted comfort & Australian style

Clothing from this highly sought-after Australian brand is handsome, utilitarian and made to last a lifetime. From the classic Craftsman styles to Stockyard Boots these iconic men's and women's leather boots, hand-plaited belts, accessories, as well as a comprehensive range of men’s & women’s clothing reflect the identity of the Australian outback.

R.M. Williams design beautiful and sustainable clothing and accessories to help you enjoy life's adventures. They represent handcrafted beauty and excellence, whether you’re working the farm or heading out in the city, all products are incredibly comfortable and durable. With stylish shirts, well-cut denim jeans, classic boots, vests, jackets and a variety of belts & wallets, there’s a garment or accessory for every occasion.

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R.M. Williams - Handcrafted Excellence

If you're looking for the ultimate Chelsea boot, then R.M. Williams is the one. Handcrafted to last a lifetime, their iconic boots are super comfortable and made from the finest leathers, the look of these boots will only improve with age.

Available in black or chestnut leather they are crafted from a single piece of leather, with only a single seam at the back of each foot. These boots will mould beautifully to the shape of your foot once the leather becomes more worn-in, which also increases their durability to create a timeless, classic look.